Holiday Lights

When most people think of Christmas a few of the same images comes across their minds. Jesus, food, presents, lights and decorating! One of my wife’s favorite things is cracking the whip for me to get those Christmas lights up. Every fall as soon as Halloween is over, I start to get little hints every now and again. “I cannot wait for Christmas decorations! We should go driving through some of the nice neighborhoods in the area and see if anyone has their lights up yet!” and so on and so forth. Usually, I manage to contain her excitement and have her wait until at least after Thanksgiving, now with a new baby her excitement might be too much to hold off until then. Christmas has always been a favorite holiday for both of our families’ ever since our childhoods. When we joined forces in marriage in September of 2017 it was only a matter of time before we started our own traditions. Whether it is the traditions, the food, the decorations, the special time spent with family, or maybe a combination of all the above! Christmas time just is not the same without those bright and shining lights on the house and on the tree.

Two of our Broken Arrow OK Lawn Care team members received their experience in hanging Christmas lights through a nonprofit organization called Global Ventures, their Christmas light program is called Lights for Life. They put Christmas lights on peoples houses for donations to their mission trips in various countries across the world. They did this for a few years while attending the internship program there.

Having first started in the remodel and home repair business in Tulsa County, back in 2011, making a move over to hanging Holiday lights was a breeze! Not a fan of heights? Ladders are familiar to all our Broken Arrow OK Lawn Care employees with every job done safely and with professional care. Originally, we have been hanging Christmas lights in Tulsa since 2013!

We understand putting up Christmas lights can be such a hassle. There is so much work involved! First you must dig out all the Christmas decoration storage containers from the back of the attic, garage, storage shed or basement. Then you must untangle that wadded up jumbled mess, plug in every light strand, inflatable character, light up deer or any other light up decoration your yard needs to be the biggest and brightest on the street. After all that is said and done the motivation and energy is gone to hang up the lights and put out the decorations. That is where we come in! Well, we would come in at the beginning so you would not need to dig out your decorations and have to test everything! We do all the hard and annoying work!

The holidays are crazy enough as is without having to stress about how to decorate for the season or the need to go out and get new Broken Arrow OK Lawn Care decorations because yours did not make it another year. This year has been a wild ride, your holiday season does not need to be! So relax, and put your brain power to the other things that need your attention like the shopping and holiday cooking!

Let us take care of the decorating!

We have experience in all kinds of Christmas lights and yard decorating. Lights all around the house, including the roof, windows, and doorways. Wrapping trees, strategically placing lights on bushes and in gardens. Putting out and organizing different yard decorations.

If you are not sure how you would like your house and yard decorated, we have ideas! Or you can tell us your ideas and we will follow your plan while doing all the hard work. We can assure you we will come up with a stunning design that will stop your neighbors in their tracks!

After the holiday festivities are all said and done, the visiting friends and family have gone back to their own homes and you are ready for life to return to normal again, we are here for you.

We know the last thing you want to think of is taking down the Christmas lights and decorations. You are exhausted and need time to recuperate from going one hundred miles an hour with all the festivities and Christmas parties. You will not even need to lift a finger! When we take down lights at the end of the season, we use an easy and proven system to assure everything stays tangle free and organized! With every new holiday season that our Broken Arrow OK Lawn Care team comes out and hangs up your lights we will make a quick and easy design diagram that is easy to follow along with, to ensure that your property will be just how you want it again, the next year!

Need some lights for a house party or a holiday that is not in December? Halloween, Birthday parties, Saint Patrick’s Day, Thanksgiving, Fourth of July, and many more! We are available and happy to hang up your lighting decorations for any Broken Arrow OK Lawn Care occasion and any time of the year. Choose from our large variety of color options. Green, Red, White, Blue, Purple, Pink, Yellow, Orange, or any other color you can think of! Holiday lighting is not limited! We can light driveways, eaves, trees, bushes, doorways, fences, and many more! Light up your house and win those neighborhood lighting competitions with ease! Have a business that needs a professional touch for your holiday lighting.

Contact us at any time to get put on our Broken Arrow OK Lawn Care schedule this fall or winter. No matter the size, shape and height of your home we have done it all. Contact us for a quick and easy bid free of charge. You can also take advantage of us storing your lights for you at no extra charge which saves space for you to be able to store more important items! Make this holiday season stress free! Our team is here to help you come home to a bright and beautiful light show!


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