How much do most Broken Arrow OK Lawn Care companies charge?

Lawn care cost is typically estimated by lawn size, with a couple of unique variables (such as corner lot, obstacles) being factored in.
The average cost per square foot for most basic lawn care services (which will typically include mowing, weedeating and additional services like trimming the edges of a lawn) will usually range between $0.01 and $0.06, the average lawn care service ranges between $30 and $70 per hour depending on the overall quality of the service and other factors like location.


How do I rescue my lawn in the spring?

Is your lawn looking sad after a hard winter and/or tons of leaves!? Good news is that this is just part of our beautiful Earth’s normal process, also known as “the circle of life”. That being said, there are still some things that you can do to help your lawn bounce back. Let’s start with a basic fertilization treatment, and for the best results we recommend aerating your lawn before the fertilization treatment. This will allow your fertilized grass roots to reach deeper into the ground where they will reach nutrients as well as allow oxygen to reach the root system easier.


When should you aerate your lawn in Oklahoma?

You should aerate your lawn just before the growing season of your specific grass/lawn. For Fescue that time frame is either early Spring or Early to mid fall, when highs do not exceed the mid 80s. For bermuda Mid to late spring is recommended as the best time for aeration. What aeration does, is that it allows more oxygen, water and nutrients to reach the roots of your lawn directly. This promotes healthy and vigorous growth to start your season off the right way!


Is it better to fertilize before or after mowing?

When mowing in Broken Arrow OK Lawn Care we would recommend that you definitely mow then rake up or bag your excess clippings. This will ensure that the fertilizer, weed & feed, etc. will reach the soil beneath your lawn and help give you better results from your application of fertilizer. You’ll also want to try to water in the fertilizer by running your hose and/or sprinklers after your application. This will help make sure that the application is spread out, and broken up to better be absorbed by your lawn. We would also recommend not mowing your lawn for 1-3 weeks after your application (especially if granules are used instead of a liquid application).


Should you treat your lawn in the fall?

Fertilizing your lawn in Broken Arrow OK Lawn Care is important to rebuild the roots of your grass system. The hot summer months can damage and stress those roots and in order for your grass to survive the difficult winter months it is important to give them all the help they can get! If you are fertilizing you may as well kill the fall weeds like dandelions, and other weeds that are common at that time of the year so that you can kill two birds with one stone so to speak.


How do I rescue my lawn in the spring? Part #2

The first thing you should do when rescuing your lawn in Broken Arrow OK Lawn Care is look for bare or bald spots in your lawn and seed or sod over those areas as needed to cover up the area that has no grass. Then after that you can use some fertilizer to jump start that seed and or Sod but be sure not to over fertilize because it will burn the soil and kill any vegetation including the new grass! Now as your lawn recovers be sure to leave it unmowed for 6 weeks if it is new seed and for a month if it is new sod so that a healthy root system can be established. The other thing you can do is aerate the lawn before fertilizing so that more oxygen can get down to the root systems of your grass.


What is the first thing you should put on your lawn in the spring?

To answer this question you must first determine if it is a warm spring or a cold spring in Broken Arrow OK Lawn Care. You can find average temperatures in your area based on the time of the year with a quick look-see on google. The first thing you can put down regardless of temperature is a liquid soil revive (which we can provide for you). Then if it is a warm season we would recommend using a Liquid Echelon treatment on your lawn. And if it is a Cool Season we recommend a Granular fertilization+spot treating the weeds in your lawn. That is the protocol we follow for our own customers’ lawn treatments.


What month should I fertilize the lawn?

Some people won’t like this answer, but there isn’t an exact “date” that you should fertilize your lawns in Broken Arrow OK Lawn Care. Instead it is more important to closely watch the weather and the ground temperature when scheduling and executing your fertilizer applications and even your weed control applications for your lawn. One other thing you can do is take a look at your lawn and if it looks thin in the late summer/fall specifically or in the early spring. If you are on a tight budget and would like to only fertilize once per year then we would recommend doing so in the late summer/early fall for the best results.


What if it rains after I fertilizer my lawn?

Some people get concerned when there is a rain storm after a fertilization treatment but it in fact can actually help the fertilization soak into the soil. If the rain is too heavy though then it can lead to the application washing off which keeps it from helping your lawn. One thing you can do to help avoid runoff being an issue, is prematurely watering in the application yourself. This will ensure that the heavy rain will have less of an impact on running off your lawn. Don’t forget to fertilize your shrubs and trees!