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Why Should You Work For Legacy Landscape in Broken Arrow Oklahoma?


We are a growing company doing lawn care Broken Arrow ! Join an energetic workplace that is exciting and filled with opportunities to grow and build out a career in the outdoor landscaping world! We are constantly on the lookout for coachable individuals who are energetic and willing to work their butt off and be paid accordingly. Our pay scale encourages our employees to work hard due to the fact that it rewards employees with a hard work ethic – with higher pay. Looking for energetic and coachable individuals.

Here in Broken Arrow we are looking for long term employees not short term employees. We offer training for individuals without experience who have a great attitude. We are always looking for individuals who will focus on speed while on the job site and who will focus on leaving behind quality and detailed work doing broken arrow lawn care so that we can make our customers happy and satisfied with our services! Take a look at some of our google reviews and photos to see some of the different types of work we do.

The owners of Legacy Landscape started off working on a normal mowing crew running a weedeater and mowing large apartment complexes. After doing their own time of working hard and learning the nuances of working as a normal employee they eventually moved to a crew chief position for 5 years before starting their own business doing Broken Arrow lawn care! That experience gained gives us a unique viewpoint and understanding of the hard work needed to succeed. With that in mind we have created our own training programs for our new employees. First you will start off doing nothing more than edging sidewalks and driveways of normal homes as well as mowing, once you’ve mastered those simple processes you’ll begin training on a weedeater and learn how to do as smooth of a cut with the weedeater as you can with a mower! Our full training process takes no more than 2 weeks. After which we expect you to be able to mow the entire property by yourself without any major mistakes.

Are you looking for a career where you get to be outside all day? Are you tired of sitting behind a counter or at a desk? Been working monotonously for a distribution center doing the same thing over and over and over and over until your hair starts to fall out? Come work with us where you will get to experience the beautiful outdoors doing lawn care Broken Arrow where each job requires a slightly different, even if very similar approach.

Already have experience? We are looking for individuals who are not “know it alls”. Even if you have years and years of experience please come ready to learn and with a teachable attitude! We have been at this for years in broken arrow lawn care, having mowed tens of thousands of acres, planting nearly 60,000 flowers, thousands of bushes and trees, thousands and thousands and thousands of pounds of mulch. Just come ready to get your hands dirty and put your work in. Above all else we respect hard work and diligence.

What is expected of you? Number 1 and something that should be obvious! BE ON TIME! Any individual will be automatically disqualified to work with us if they are late for their interview, shadow day, or 1st day of work. We respect our employees’ time and ask that they respect ours by being on time to every event. Number 2, be teachable. We’ve mentioned it already but being teachable and having a good attitude while working for Legacy Landscape in Broken Arrow Lawn Care is a core part of our culture as a company. We are not interested in individuals who think they know everything there is to know about lawn care and landscaping, we have found that people that think they know everything are generally not team players. And here at Legacy we want team players that want to join a growing business and earn success through their actions and attitude.

Seasonal? If you’re even a little bit familiar with the lawn care industry you are used to working spring summer and fall, then being let go at the first signs of winter. As one of our goals is keeping our employees long term here in Broken Arrow lawn care, one of the things we try to do to avoid those situations is fill up our schedule with landscaping jobs during those long and cold winter months. Not only that but we also do snow plowing and sidewalks clearing and salting for our various commercial clients during Oklahoma’s winter storms. Although it’s hard and in most cases very cold work, we offer very very good pay for our snow workers to be out in the cold weather.

What types of work can you expect to be doing? We have already talked about what our winter season looks like for our team members, but that still leaves spring, summer and fall! For Lawn Care Broken Arrow in the spring we start by doing spring cleanups, which includes a final leaf cleanup by blowing out flower beds of leaves, trimming perennials, etc. We also begin our spring planting at the beginning of April, which includes planting various different annual flowers as well as putting down fresh mulch in our clients beds. During our summer schedule we do lots and lots of mowing! About 75% of our summer schedule is filled up with recurring mowing clients, where we mow, edge, and trim all turf areas as well as blow off all concrete surfaces. Moving into fall we begin doing leaf cleanups as well as switching out summer flowers with pansies and more fresh mulch! And as previously mentioned in our winter season description, during all 4 seasons we do landscape jobs for homeowners, business owners and home building companies. Those landscape jobs might be simple like putting down some new edging in flower beds and fresh mulch or they might be more complicated and include things like planting trees, shrubs, etc. One of our more popular services is our rock-scaping services, where we put down weed barriers and put down river rock and the like down instead of mulch. Whatever the type of job or service may be we always do our absolute best to exceed our customer’s expectations and leave them wowed by their experience with Legacy Landscape.