Mowing Services

Few places, if any, are as meaningful to us as our Broken Arrow OK Lawn Care homes. The houses we live in are deeply connected to our very core and we desire that house to shine with life and beauty. As a lawn care and landscape company we endeavor to aid you in distinguishing the look of your home.

Our expert technicians will work efficiently and with excellence to assist you in that presentation of a beautiful home. A home that welcomes you with beauty, and to those perhaps passing by, a home that portrays your sense of style.

While some companies may provide only one basic type of service, our company stands apart in that we include a variety of available services. If you need only basic lawn maintenance, that is available, of course. If you desire to add any enhancement services, that also is available through our company, for a cost that is friendly and welcoming.
In addition to weekly lawn care – mowing (weather permitting, of course) our company’s yard care takers will manage the flower beds, tree wells, and areas around your sidewalks. They will manage these areas with care and precision, adding to your home’s welcoming appeal.

You can be confident that our professional Broken Arrow OK Lawn Care technicians will be diligent to blow off any grass trimmings or weeding left overs from sidewalks and driveway. Edging is also part of the basic package and adds that manicured look to all the sidewalks and driveway areas.

One of the Broken Arrow OK Lawn Care​ services we provide that adds that extra special something is the trimming of low hanging tree branches. We work to keep all branches above 6 feet from the ground. As with any of the services we provide, you can specify if there is an area of tree that you do not want to be trimmed. We aim to please you in every single aspect. Just let us know what your wishes are.

Flowers add that extra spark to any property, so in both middle of Spring and early Fall we offer services where we will fill your flower beds with some beautifully accenting annuals. For Fall, the average preferred annual is a bed full of Pansies. These prolific bloomers will add beauty to your home through the Fall and the Winter, and then pop with bright and abundant color in early Spring. For the Spring flower planting, flowers that will thrive through the hot and humid climate of Oklahoma, most of our clients request Begonias, Petunias, or Marigolds. Varying options are of course available to compliment your unique and distinguished tastes and preferences. If perennials (flowers that will return year after year) are more your flare, that is also an option for your home. Some examples of perennials you may choose to have our company plant for you would be varying types of grasses, some that bloom and others that do not, as well as shrubs, bushes, maybe some bulbs, or whatever type of foliage would be what your home needs, or some simple yet elegant ground coverings. Whatever the case may be, it would be our Broken Arrow OK Lawn Care pleasure to help you make your home as spectacular or as modestly adorned as you would prefer. Included in our service of flower, shrub, specialty grasses, perennial, bush, or tree planting is the application of the adequate coverage of mulch (the color of your choice) which allows for proper protection for your flowers and plants. The proper coverage of mulch not only adds sophistication to your display, but it also helps in inhibiting the growth of that pesky grass trying to sneak in where it is not wanted, and that mulch adds to the overall health of your stunning flower beds.

Landscaping and lawn care are on the minds of us all during the growing season, attending to your needs along those lines is our privilege and we will serve you well. What about after the growing season has ended?

Leaf removal.

The beauty and shade that trees provide all through spring and summer, and parts of fall begin to drift down and litter all over your front, side, and back yards. Not only can it be unsightly, but it can be a place where mice and a variety of critters take refuge and that is never a comforting thought. It does not matter if there are just a few trees shedding on your manicured lawn, or whole orchards of them, our Broken Arrow OK Lawn Care crews will come in, rake the more sensitive areas by hand, and can mulch and “vacuum” up the remains of those leaves in the more open areas, leaving your front, side and back yard areas neat and free of unwanted nuisances like mice, or wind blown trash particles.

So, now that the growing season has passed, and the falling season has ended? Holiday season. Our company services homes and businesses alike with customized efficient LED lighting. Each length of lighting specifically customized to the exact size of your home’s dimensions, installed with clips or hot glue and ready to shine all holiday season long. Removal of the energy efficient LED lights is just as easy for you as was the installation. Our crews will come and gently remove them and stow them away. No mess, no hassle, no worry for you. The Holiday Lights service that we provide will add to your joy through the whole season and compliment the area in which you live.

Our business is family owned and so we take special interest in your individual satisfaction with our services and we take special care to make sure that proper attention is given to the details that matter most to you. Our Broken Arrow OK Lawn Care crew that will service your beloved home will work efficiently and with excellence, ensuring that your home is treated with respect and the care it deserves.

Please know that your comments and desires are always welcome and it is as simple as contacting our office and our efficient office staff will take special care to note all your desires and relay that information and instructions to the crews that will be the boots on the ground.


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