About Us

Who is Legacy Landscape?

Timothy Scott, accompanied by his wife Jackie and their first and very young child Rowan, oversee much of the Broken Arrow OK Lawn Care company. Originally a partnership between father and son, Bob Scott has since taken a step back from the business and moved on to other endeavors. Timothy’s two younger brothers have also worked in and for this business at varying times, working their way up from the “bottom” of the ladder to positions of drivers and crew chiefs. We are a close-knit family. We are hard workers. We are fun-loving adventurers.

In the fabric of America and the infrastructure of Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness, it is a key pursuit of ours to provide employment, provide a great reliable service, and provide for our Broken Arrow OK Lawn Care families.

When did Legacy Landscape start?

Officially, we began in the Broken Arrow OK Lawn Care business when Bob was only 11 years old. He lived in a rural town in central New Mexico and built up a pretty good mowing business all around town, servicing families, widows, and businessmen. Bob’s been a hard worker since his childhood and has seen that work ethic mirrored in children.

We first began this business here in the Tulsa Metroplex area in 2011. Originally a remodel and handyman company, in 2015 Tim and Bob decided to change the direction of the business and begin mowing and lawn care services in Tulsa County. As a family we had been in full time service to humanity for over 30 years in various types of humanitarian works, mostly in other countries, and we were, and are, no strangers to hard work. The business literally was dropped in our laps and we stepped into it with appreciation for this great opportunity. It came with some contracts for apartment complexes, 3 employees, and a bunch of very old, warn out, equipment. We were fired up and hit the ground running, all the while learning a new business and dealing with that unreliable equipment, the business contracts expanded to new Apartment properties, and then we began to branch out into residential properties as well, as word of mouth spread about our reliable services.


How did Legacy Landscape get their beginning?

How did we start in this Broken Arrow OK Lawn Care business (besides Bob having mowed lawns as a child)? At first it might seem strange that this close-knit-family would switch, so to speak, from Humanitarian work to this type of service. Why would a family business of humanitarian endeavors turn to Lawn Care and Landscape?

We continued serving on a civic level here in the Tulsa Metroplex area while the Scott’s three sons completed high school. A friend contacted us, whose dad owned the business and was wanting to streamline his own business affairs. We saw this offer as an opportunity to provide well for the whole household during a time of transition in the humanitarian opportunities receding slightly, as well as provide employment for many others, which has always been a pursuit and joy of our family. Up to this point in our journey, we as a family had always worked together, focused on one main vision and this endeavor was no different.

We started with the Apartment complexes around town, with one company as the main client. That company’s owner then began to spread the word of our work ethic and performance to his friends, and we then increased the work, obtaining new contracts from those friends and recommendations that came by word of mouth.
Over time, the company began to increase in momentum and gain more clients, both commercial and residential in nature.

Where did Legacy Landscape get its start?

We obtained this Broken Arrow OK Lawn Care business here in the Tulsa Metroplex area in 2015. But we really began working in the Lawn Care business back in New Mexico, in the thriving rural town of Estancia in the year of 1983.

The first clients we have were in the Tulsa proper city limits, Apartment Complexes sprinkled in central, eastern, western as well as southern Tulsa. The work then proceeded to include Catoosa, Sapulpa, Kellyville, Sand Springs, Glenpool, Bixby, Broken Arrow and Coweta. All these towns within a range of about 35 miles of downtown Tulsa. The greater Tulsa area is easily accessible via the fabulously designed and laid out highways and turnpikes, making it easy to quickly travel from one given suburb of Tulsa to another.


What does Legacy Landscape do exactly?

We provide not just one, but many services that are involved with lawn care and landscape.

In addition to weekly or biweekly Broken Arrow OK Lawn Care we offer a variety of lawn care maintenance and one time landscaping services.

Our services include tree trimming, making sure those sometimes pesty low hanging branches stay out of contact with your family and friends passing underneath. Absolutely, you can let us know if you prefer those branches stay low, and we will leave them as you wish.

Other services include leaf removal in the fall. Whether it be in the front yard or the back yard, large tree leaves or miniscule leaves, our lawn and yard care takers work efficiently to provide your home with that freshly cleaned look all through the leaf falling months.

Want to add some splash and wonder to your property? Our services include planting of those eye-catching annuals. Whether your personalized desired eye-candy be focused on pansies, begonias, petunias, or other native Oklahoma flowers that thrive here in this climate, our crew members will take care of adding that special touch, that is uniquely yours, which clearly adds beauty and sophistication to your home. Our company can add color in spring and fall, keeping that air of elegance and upkeep, year-round.

Another service we provide is Holiday lighting. We will customize the length of lighting. We use energy efficient LED lighting. We will put them up with clips or hot glue. Take them down at the end of the season and store them away. No hassle. No mess. Easy care. Beautiful displays for your home, all the while adding value and beautiful to your whole neighborhood.

Be it Spring, Summer, Fall or Winter, our professional staff leave your property manicured.


We’ll answer all your Broken Arrow OK lawn care questions