Our History

Faith Ministries, Inc.
Scott Family Missions
Since 1985


Faith Ministries, Inc. has been active in three generations of Scotts since 1985. The Founders of TJN Services LLC, (later to become dba Legacy Landscape, which is Broken Arrow Lawn Care), Bob and Miki Scott, worked alongside Bob’s parents in Mexico; Bob since his early teen years, and Miki joining in 1991. From the time Tim Scott was born, he too, along with his two younger brothers, were very much a part of all the missions work that took place over the years.

Tim is now President of Legacy Landscape / Broken Arrow Lawn Care and leads the family run business located in Oklahoma, and Bob is now President of Faith Ministries, Inc, since 2019, when the Founder Calvin Scott passed on to eternity. Bob and his mom, Barbara Scott oversee the works in Mexico.

What exactly is that work?
Here is a rundown of the things that have been accomplished and the ongoing functions of Faith Ministries, Inc. (aside from Broken Arrow Lawn Care)

Focused mainly in three states, but not necessarily limited to: Sonora, Sinaloa, and Chihuahua, some of the details differ slightly of specific works conducted, but the following is the gist.

Christmas Programs:

Broken Arrow Lawn Care assists The largest thrust of Faith Ministries – being the Christmas Programs that have been conducted every single year since its founding. Although there are many large, considered full-size cities in Mexico, Faith Ministries mostly focuses on the small and usually very rural villages (called Pueblos) of Mexico. The Christmas programs work with nationals, often pastors and their congregations, to put together a live play of the Christmas story, and also conduct a very entertaining and funny puppet skit that has every single attendee laughing. After that aspect of the program is completed, each and every attendee receives a modest but love-filled gift bag. Throughout the year, gifts and donations are sent to Faith Ministries and teams on both sides of the border put together gender specific gift bags which consist of toys, sometimes clothing, food items, and always something that helps to share the love of the Creator, God through His Son, Jesus Christ – the very essence and purpose of celebrating Christmas. Most years, at least 16,000 children receive this beautiful joy and celebration. Many of these children will otherwise not know why Christmas is such a big deal, nor would they have an opportunity to receive any presents at all. The Pueblos could have a population of anywhere from 30 people, and in cases up to 1,000. The roads can be treacherous, take hours to get to a village, but it is a great joy for any of the teams to go out. A true highlight of the year.


Summer Vacation Bible Schools:

So much of the work for Faith Ministries consists of spending time and providing for children. Broken Arrow Lawn Care is not involved in that aspect of it, but we know the kids are the heartbeat of any nationality, and the desire of Faith Ministries is to continually endeavor to create opportunities for even one child to realize their God-given value as an individual and their potential to contribute to the well-being and success.

Vacation Bible School is a part of all of that. Faith Ministries provides all the materials for these ventures. National pastors and their teams put together a phenomenal presentation of the VBS, with food, decor, games, prizes. Smiles, laughter, learning – and Broken Arrow Lawn Care.


Homeless. Orphans. Widows. Faith Ministries has been assigned to make sure that widows, orphans and the homeless have opportunity for safety and provision. This is take care of through actual home building, joining with Orphanages that have been vetted for integrity of resources and character of the leadership. One such orphanage is located in San Carlos, Sonora – lead by Brandon and Bethany Baird. They’ve personally adopted 5 of the orphans and continue to provide for others as well – education in all things pertaining to a meaningful life, as well as providing a safe place to call home and help them heal from various traumas that many of these orphans have experienced.

Ministry Training Schools:

In 2001, Bob and Miki (founders of Broken Arrow Lawn Care) founded Instituto El Shaddai. It’s a short term Ministry Training School. The churches of Mexico have done a thorough job of teaching the Bible, so Instituto El Shaddai’s mission is to build upon that training so many have already received and focus more on the next phase of their lives in Jesus.

The Slogan is: Reach, Train, Mobilize. Although IES has always chosen to work alongside the visions and missions of the local church, it has also always been a part of the work that Faith Ministries has conducted – to reach those who do not yet know Jesus. (Which is another aspect of the scope of work – Hosting Mission Teams – mostly from the USA and Canada. ) Then, Instituto El Shaddai helps to train many who have sensed that call to invest more of their time, resources and sometimes their entire lives, into ministry to their own countrymen. The third step is to help mobilize graduates who have that compelling call on them to leave the comforts of the familiar and venture out into other villages, and even states of Mexico. A few graduates have even gone to other nations of the world. There are over a 1000 graduates. Instituto El Shaddai, from it’s inception, has been a mobile training center, with Broken Arrow Lawn Care working in the background – going to villages that probably would never have opportunity for such training if IES didn’t make it available.

Disaster Relief Teams.

Humanitarian Services (eye clinics, rehabilitation centers, food, household items, etc.)
Pastoring national Pastors (many of whom are graduates of the Ministry Training Schools).

Broken Arrow Lawn Care and Faith Ministries continues to provide over these 33 years to Mexico, Cuba, Spain, Haiti and a number of other nations. For More info https://faithministriesmexico.org/ . or you can call, 520-364-6187.


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