Landscape Services

First impressions are vitally impactful. We have all heard it. This phrase has been proven accurate over and over again.

Our Broken Arrow OK Lawn Care​teams are determined to create that outside first impression that speaks purity, manicured beauty.

How does our team of professionals fulfill that determination and focus? We endeavor to provide many services, not just one, that are involved with landscape and lawn care.

Lawn mowing is the base of what we do, but additionally, our reliable and professional employees around the flower beds, tree wells, sidewalks, and parking lot, edge properties, being sure to blow off sidewalks and parking areas in order to maintain that sense of first-class presentation that your business has a desire to portray to all your customers.

If your properties are in need of tree trimming, our Broken Arrow OK Lawn Care services include it, helping make sure those low hanging branches that can be unsightly as well as dangerous, stay out of contact with your friends and family.

In the Fall, our services can include leaf removal. Maintaining that swept up look in the back portion of your business property, around the sides, and of course, out in the front of your business. Our Lawn and Landscape technicians will work efficiently and with excellence to assist you in presenting a crisp, clean, and professional looking property during the Fall season.

In both Fall and Spring, our Broken Arrow OK Lawn Care services offer flower planting. Included also is the mulching of those flower beds, adding the eye catching beauty of color and elegance. In fall we offer the planting of pansies that will last all winter long and then explode in beautiful bright color in Spring. In mid to late Spring, the annuals that we plant are most commonly requested by client, begonias, petunias. If you desire a different variety of annual flowers, you can speak with us about that and if the desired flowers are known to flourish here in Oklahoma, we are more than happy to provide those for your business property.

If you prefer to add some foliage or blooming beauties to your property that will return year after year on their own, our company also provides planting of perennials. Grasses, shrubs, ground cover, and many other options. One of the additional aspects of what we do is keep those flower beds and area where the foliage is planted free of weeds.

Included in the Broken Arrow OK Lawn Care landscaping services that are available, mulch (of your color choice) is highly recommended to help in efficiency and health for all growing landscapes.

We not only provide lawn care and landscape services, but we know that the Holiday Season is a time for the presentation of your business property to shine. We provide Holiday Lights to adorn your buildings, one or all. Customizing your desired display, the length of lighting is unique to your property. We use energy efficient LED lighting. Using either clips or hot glue, we will install the lighting. We will also remove them at the end of the season and store them away. For you, no hassle and no mess or added tasks in regards to the Holiday display on your business property. We can decorate with holiday lights as early as middle of October and they will usually be taken down by the 3rd week of January. Of course, other arrangements can be made, always specific to exactly what your direct needs or wants may be.

The holiday season is the perfect opportunity to announce to anybody who sees your property that you care about your community. Holiday lighting brings with it a sense of enjoyment. Holiday lighting brings this indication that you want to bring joy to those who come in or even just drive past. Beautifully lit commercial properties bring attention to it and stays within the memories of those who see it. Holiday lighting is a wonderful way to present beautiful displays for your commercial property, all the while adding value and beauty to your whole neighborhood. Holiday lighting is attention grabbing and can help advertise your business even more.

Regardless of what season it may be, the expert technicians of our company add to your property that excellence you desire.

Why choose us? What makes our Broken Arrow OK Lawn Care company stand out above others?

We focus on your satisfaction. We grant a market value base line price. In addition to efficient, excellent, and professional service, our company also focuses on streamlined communication with each and every customer. Need an extra service performed? Have questions about a particular area of your property? Our response time, in the event you have to leave a message will be that same day, but our practice is personal and immediate connection by phone. You call, and we answer and settle your issues.

It is our consistent practice to hire people who already have the same core values or can easily align themselves to the values that we as a company hold at the highest standard for our business practices. Our employees will be respectful of you and your business by exemplifying the utmost care for your property. Efficiency and excellence will be evident every single time our team of associates comes and services your needs.

This is a family owned business. We understand the hard work put into building a Broken Arrow OK Lawn Care business that serves the community with all we have got. We know that everything we do is centered on presenting our company as one that will adequately enhance the lives of those that choose to have us serve their needs. Mowing lawns, planting flowers, maintaining trees, removing the mess of falling leaves, keeping those sidewalks pristinely edged and the flower bed beautifully mulched and weeded is part of our commitment to our clients. As you endeavor to serve your clients with such similar desires and focuses, we take our care of your commercial property very seriously. To our sense of professional service, it does not matter if it is a car wash parking lot or a lawyer’s office – the same sense of honor will accompany the services we provide. Knowing that the presentation of your business represents who you are, how hard you have worked thus far and how hard you will work to provide for the needs of your customers, we will carry that same sense of responsibility to help you in presenting that impression from the outside of your commercial property.


We’ll answer all your Broken Arrow OK lawn care questions