Our Giveback

For four generations, the Scott family has a legacy of serving humanity. Over the past 6 decades Scott men and women have been serving humanity and giving and serving in regards to the needs of others. Our founders practically grew up in Mexico, where Bob and Miki Scott raised their three young boys in Sonora, Mexico about 10 hours, by very bumpy and dusty roads, south of the Arizona border. The young family lived on a dirt street in a small city for more than 8 years before moving back to the United States to allow their children the opportunity to finish their high school years and acclimate to their birth nation. From swimming through rivers with sound equipment on their backs in order to reach small and remote villages, all the way to growing many mobile ministry training schools with more than 1,000 graduates in urban areas of the country, they have seen and experienced many life changing things.

Having developed a heart to help those in need it is important to our team and founders to aid anyone in less than ideal circumstances. One of the ways we do that is by partnering with two separate humanitarian organizations. One being in our very own community and the other being overseas in the country of India. A dollar from each and every mow, each and every week goes to help these organizations with their respective life impacting works. It is our great privilege to be a part, no matter how seemingly small in comparison to the size of the need, to play a part in that which gives an individual hope for their future.

Soul Purpose Ministries

Having spent a significant portion of their lives in a country other than the United States our founders are well aware of the need for financial support for humanitarian organizations overseas. Therefore it is a privilege to partner up with and offer support to Soul Purpose Ministries. In addition to having a Ministry School, and a church, Mike and his lovely wife Jyoti, along with their two school aged children, do an amazing work creating HOPE HOMES for children in varying areas of Northern India. Our founders know Mike and his family personally and know of their character and have seen such an amazing demonstration of operating their humanitarian and ministerial works with integrity and transparency along with impressive business practices.

Here is an excerpt from Mike and Jyoti’s recent communication with us:

“In the midst of the lockdown, we still managed to bring 5 new children into our Hope Homes this week! Three in Bangalore and two in Odisha. Thankfully, we already had sponsors in place for the children in Bangalore, but we are standing in faith for the other two, whom we haven’t even seen yet.

Sometimes children we’ve taken in have to go, and though it’s never easy, we are always thankful for the opportunity we had to invest into their lives, even if just for a season. These three brothers were recently taken back by their grandma. We send them healthy and happy and with our prayers. In total, we now have 16 children out of 77 we are trusting the Lord to provide sponsors for. You can see them all here.“

In addition to offering homes, Mike and Jyoti are super intentional at celebrating each child in a grand way on their birthday. Such a celebration provides even more opportunity for those kids to realize they have value and are celebrated.

Soul Purpose Ministries also provides food for children, helps various native pastors and ministries. Recently Mike and Jyoti helped the pastors whose church building was destroyed by a fierce storm – the building has been rebuilt, and they have been able to feed the children again, in the newly rebuilt prayer house.

As our Owners and crews work hard, efficiently and dedicated in order to provide the needed services of our clients, we also work hard and passionately in order to be able to give back to those who can’t necessarily fully provide for themselves at this given time. Legacy Landscape has a passion to be a part of something bigger than itself. Legacy has a hearts’ desire for sharing blessing and provision with others. It’s a privilege. A price can’t be put on it. Each child, each minister, each set of house parents in India as part of Soul Purpose Ministries have value and importance and we believe that integrating our lives into theirs is a privilege, an honor, a responsibility.

Imagine being 18 and in foster care. Perhaps you lost a family member or your family life was full of abuse and or pain. Perhaps you’re a young lady with a volatile home life and you find yourself couch surfing, having to use your body to have a place to stay or even staying in a tent, or car, or under a bridge. We receive these types of calls all the time. If a young lady isn’t adopted while in foster care, she could easily end up on the streets. This would make her extremely vulnerable to human trafficking. On average, the percentage of girls that are not adopted while in foster care and wind up on the street either homeless, or in a number of many challenging or dangerous scenarios is 20%. That number is 20% higher than it should be. Legacy Landscape – the Broken Arrow OK Lawn Care company is stepping in to help aid this company in impacting and altering that unacceptable 20%.

So, Instead of these options listed above, each young woman can have a safe home with supportive adults who help her finish high school or get a GED, get her driver’s license and teach her how to work and manage money. Flourish Homes is just such a place. Our call is to serve young women ages 18-25 in a supportive living home so they can get the skills and resources they need to become successful adults, and have the hope of a life that is purposeful, has meaning, and has hope. Our program includes professional counseling, as well as classes to help her discover her value and worth in God. Her basic needs are met so she can focus on healing and pursuing her goals. She is given a mentor to be a positive role model and friend. We provide transportation for her to get to her appointments, school and work. We try to fill in all the missing gaps that may endeavor to hinder her progress.

Flourish Homes has welcomed many young ladies on their eighteenth Birthday. Since becoming operational they have helped many young ladies graduate high school, take college classes or technical training while learning much needed life skills. Flourish Homes has to count on individuals, churches, businesses, as well as grants to fund this home. In addition to have a great staff and volunteers to help #liftherup! The more their resources grow, the more young ladies that can be helped.

Flourish Homes has goals of expanding their services to pregnant young women as well as young mothers. Currently renting a location to house and serve this community of “Blossoms” (as the girls are respectfully referred to), Flourish Homes is seeking for a property of their own, one of permanence and stability. It will only be possible with more supporters. Flourish Homes is also working on a job training internship called Blossom’s Hope where residents get a soft employment experience making lotions, body wash and soap. Flourish Homes sells these items, and have an avenue to pay residents as well as support the home in general.

Join Broken Arrow OK Lawn Care company, Legacy Landscape in contributing on a regular basis to help this service become a launching pad for this beloved Blossoms.

If you are interested in getting involved in giving, volunteering or referring a young lady, please visit our website at www.flourishhomes.org or call us at (918) 924-5541.


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