The owner of legacy landscape is Timothy Scott. He is accompanied by his wife Jackie they oversee much of the Broken Arrow OK Lawn Care. Originally it him had a partner his name was Bob Scott. But Bob Scott has taken a step back in is no longer involved in the business as much in this chosen to move on to other things in his life. He loves working with family and has worked just younger brothers in the business during periods times.

We believe is important to have a close family of workers who love having fun together. We have more fun when you’re working you’re able to do a better job in focus on the task at hand. If you negative you you’re not going to to the details. We are excited to provide Broken Arrow OK Lawn Care to those in the Tulsa area. We believe is important to have a good-looking house because that reflects on your life. Whatever your area looks good then you’re able to think clearly and not have to stress. We know that many of us are busy and don’t have time to mow our own yarns or tremor on bushes.

If you have time to know your own yard we would be happy to vote for you and take that off your hands. Also saving space redo to store them more a blower and a tremor. This will save you money by not having to buy those things and keep them updated. If you love to have us that we believe in milieu you can always go to our website to find us. We want to be the one and only Broken Arrow OK Lawn Care that you will choose. We’ve been in business for over a decade and doing lawns for over seven years. We have passion for making your lawn in your yard look excellent and crisp.

Can’t wait to show you all of our gallery that is on a website you can see how excellent and how many great homes we have been able to service. You know what kind of quality of work we do good go to websites you can see the high-quality work that we have done over the years. Marcus pushes us to always have integrity and to treat your yard like it is our own. Always leave your yard much cleaner than when we found it. We will be sure to clean up any trimmings and grass clippings before we leave. We it has to look the best. There is no shortage of excellent workers that we have because we all committed to a gray aesthetic and an excellent job. We are beginning in broken arrow Oklahoma town that we live in because we love Sally want to look beautiful and to examine fight excellence.

If you like to learn more about legacy landscape to go website at or 918-955-4613 so you can see some of the testimonials that have been left on there. We’re the place to go for Broken Arrow OK Lawn Care.

Broken Arrow OK Lawn Care

If you’re looking for a company that is going to show lots of integrity then you have come to the right place. Legacy landscape is the best Broken Arrow OK Lawn Care company in the area. We have a commitment to excellent values including integrity and efficient work. Commitment to our core values such as always doing our best.

Here at Legacy here we only hire workers that are committed to giving you the best quality lawn care that is possible. If you deserves that you will see the excellent choices that we have made to go to the extreme to make sure your lawn is going to look good. We promise that we will do just as we promise. We are committed to doing excellent work in providing you with the best lawn service that we can. If you could have an excellent test we promise to distinguish you from your neighbors by giving you a Christmas lawn around. Not only do we cut the grass but we will also trim your keys as well as get your landscape your flowers looking excellent.

We know that may be hard for you to get down in the bread and design your own flower garden. We have an expert is familiar with the Oklahoma weather elicit flowers and plants plant. Save yourself all the time and research to learn about the culture and let us do it for you tell us what you want will be happy to give you the best options possible. We started this company so that we can make our city look great. We are committed to committed to making broken arrow a more youthful place. Come to us that you can Broken Arrow OK Lawn Care. We have many service besides lawn care and was also will remove your leaves as well as put up your holiday lights.

Many of us love to have criticized but we don’t have anywhere to store all the lights in the off-season. Many of us don’t have the time to go out and put those lights up but would still love to be passive and celebrate. If you like to celebrate those lights that have to go outside in the cold and put us in ways we would love to believe that for you. Some of us just don’t have the applicability that we used to climb and to these require a certain level of fitness. Promise we will make your house would beautiful so people tried by a doctor to look at that lovely house you have.

Our company please go to or 918-955-4613 and catalyst we would love to be scheduled for first visit for Muslim we can look see what type of line you have and give you a good estimate how much it would cost. Also check us out at Facebook. Come to us for your Broken Arrow OK Lawn Care. We can’t wait to hear from you and show you how great legacy lawncare is.