Broken Arrow Christmas Lights will help light up the night in your neighborhood by installing the highest quality of LED Christmas lights available on the market today. We are the company that offers competitive pricing, free quotes, efficiency in our installation process an free storage for the entire year between Christmas seasons. Christmas time can be so hectic for so many, and it is our great honor to be chosen by you as the company to help take one of these important tasks off of your list of responsibilities and fulfill it as good as you would, or even better period we take joy and pride in our ability to service our clients to such a high degree call mom an high standard of performance and service. This is something that we have been doing for many years, and will continue to do for many years into the future. How is it we can say that with such confidence? Because our customers have continually left us amazing five star ratings on multiple platforms. This tells us two things. The first thing it tells us is that they were satisfied with the service that we provided for them. The second thing it tells them is that our pricing is within competitive ranges, and acceptable to the majority of people in this area.
Broken Arrow Christmas Lights is a company of honor, pride, joy, and we’ll just throw in peace for good measure since it’s the Christmas season. Everybody loves a enthusiastic company bringing joy and gladness to their home, or even to their business. We will come with a pep in our step and a song of delight in our hearts as we install those Christmas lights that will enhance the beauty of the night all around to every neighbor, the entire neighborhood, as well as the town in which you live. Every single house that installs Christmas lights adds to the lightness and the wonderful magic of the Christmas season. We all know this. As you join the mini houses in your region of the town putting up those bright and sparkly Christmas lights, you can have that sense of joy in your heart that you have added to the beauty overall of the entire Tulsa Metroplex area. Lights bring joy to every child and help them during these difficult times. Good for you for taking into consideration the mental health of so many by adding that elements of brightness and cheer.
Broken Arrow Christmas Lights wants to join with you in that endeavour and bring that great joy and Peace of Mind and that sense of “it’s all gonna be OK” to the area all around us period to those we love, and those we haven’t even met yet. These seemingly little things matter a lot. They are not minuscule in the slightest way but add one light up on another upon another until there is such a great mountain of brightness and joy all around that people can’t help but be affected by its bright lights enjoy.

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Broken Arrow Christmas Lights takes great joy in working to brightly light up the night all throughout our communities. One of the ways that we do that is by being the company that gives back. a percentage of every dollar that we earn goes to an orphanage overseas to one of the poorest nations in the world. An additional percentage of every dollar earned goes to a local home for battered women and abused children. As a family owned business we have great compassion toward those who have been dealt a raw deal to no fault of their own call Moe and we feel like it is not only an obligation, but greater still it is a privilege to be able to assist those suffering with needs of whatever kind. Christmas time is not the only time to be giving of our substances to those in need. We as a company understand this and that’s why we do it every single month. Joy comes in many facets and ways. Not only at Christmas time through the lights in the souls and the gifts and the times of meeting with friends and family, but also through that comprehension of the privilege that it is to be able to help others. When you hire us as a company you not only help to meet the needs of the many families that work for us, but you also help to meet the needs of those who can’t meet their own needs.
Broken Arrow Christmas Lights is a company owned by three family members, that have employed all their family members at one time or another, and offers employment to many others. It is our great joy to help the economy through installing Christmas lights for families around the cities and towns in this region. Every time you hire us, you help feed the children of our employees, and you help feed the children of a company that takes care of them in a shelter, and of the children that are taken in as orphans off the street.
Broken Arrow Christmas Lights is coming to the end of the year of a full schedule, full calendar of servicing clientele of many different ages, and tax brackets. We are so honored to be a part of the economy of this area by meeting in need. When that need is fulfilled and payment is made for it, then that payment multiplies and exceeds far out beyond just paying for the cost of Christmas lights. It is much greater than that and goes far into the future, and too many generations.
Broken Arrow Christmas lights is a company that you can trust and feel a sense of rightness when you partner with us and we with you for your Christmas light needs to be taken care of. Give us a call today at 918-955-4613 or visit our website at