Broken Arrow Christmas Lights is a reputable company and service that can provide enjoyment and beauty throughout the whole holiday season. The expertise of this company comes through and through each and every year that we install lights for communities, individual homes, as well as local businesses during the entire holiday season. The holiday season includes as early as October for any Halloween displays that you may be desiring, as well as of course for Thanksgiving and the highlight of all Christmas lights, of course is going entire month of December. We are quite confident that our expertise in this area will satisfy your envisioned results of beauty an elegance

Here at broken Arrow Christmas Lights we take into consideration our clients and their hard earned resources and therefore charge fairly competitively in this region amongst our industry. We continue to receive five star reviews from our clients over and over, due to the excellent level of service that we continue to provide for each and every client whether it be for their individual home, and or their business. We know that each person takes pride in their presentation and therefore we take pride in assisting you so that every impression of your home speaks of elegance, excellence, and adds beauty to the beholder each and every time your property is seen.

Here at Broken Arrow Christmas Lights we are fully aware that you have options in regard to companies that you can call upon to service your Christmas light display. There are a number of core values that helped us set our company apart from others, and that is why we have so many great reviews from satisfied clients over many years of service provided for them. One of our core values is efficiency. Our expert technicians come in and install your Christmas lights and are able to leave your premises in an efficient manner so that it doesn’t disrupt your day-to-day goings on at your home for any longer than is necessary. We take full pride in our ability to get in, get it up, and leave your property leaving looking pristine and precious in every way. We are not concerned about complaints of our inefficiency because we know that one of our core values and everything that we do always extends into installing as well as taking down the Christmas lights from your 11 home, or business.

Broken Arrow Christmas Lights will be able to service your property in another way as well, one of our other core values is excellence. Our experts it installing Christmas lights on your home will take special care to not exterior elements of your home. Every strand of lights will be tightly strung up, an established for weeks and weeks of viewing enjoyment. R value of excellence is one of the reasons why our clients continually offer up raving reviews about the services that we as a company can offer you.


Broken Arrow Christmas Lights | We Light Up Your Life


Broken Arrow Christmas Lights installation process is quick and efficient. We arrive on time as per agreement with you as the client, we set up quickly, efficiently install all the strands of lights to your specifications and expectations and then we leave quietly and efficiently leaving your home showing off it’s beauty and adding enjoyment to the community and anybody who drives by your place. We know that it’s important to each person 2 be assured that their home is adding that special touch to any area that they live in, showing that you take pride in where you live in highly esteem your neighbors nearby and within the area. We take all of these details into consideration as we come up on your home property in order to install your Christmas lights for the weeks to come. You can be assured that if there is anything specific that you were wanting that we’re able to service you in that exact way we will not leave your property until we know that you are fully satisfied with the job that we have performed for you. We know that the reputation of your home matters to you, and the reputation of our company matters to us and so we make sure that you are fully satisfied in every area.

Broken Arrow Christmas Lights offers a variety of services in regards to installation of Christmas lights. We can put it around your mailbox, cover all the Bush is that are out in front of your home, weekend also of course install them up on your eaves or on your roof circling and wrapping your trees to add that special touch of brightness and holiday cheer. We can line your sidewalks so that that extra spice and spunk manifests on your home property throughout the holiday months.

We here at Broken Arrow Christmas lights will be here and continue to service the greater Tulsa metro area, and especially Broken Arrow for years to come because we take such honor in servicing each and every client, and that is why our clients continue to leave us raving reviews on Google and other search engine’s. Christmas lights installation is just one of the many services that we provide. Throughout the non holiday seasons we offer lawn care, landscaping, tree trimming, sidewalks salting, snow removal, and many other services as well.

Broken Arrow Christmas Lights will not leave you disappointed, but On the contrary, super glad and thankful that you chose to go with the best company available our prices are comparable. Our services are excellent, and the integrity with which we do service year after year is highly notable and referenced often in the reviews that we received from our clientele. Go ahead and give us a try, by calling us today at 918-955-4613 and set up your visitation to your property so that we can ascertain what it is you envision, and how quickly we can get that taken care of for you at the best price possible. You won’t regret it