We will not let you down! You can trust us with all of your holiday needs. You will not be disappointed. We will make all of your dreams and visions come true. Broken Arrow Christmas Lights are ran by a local small family business. We have a wonderful family. We live in a small town and love to do good works. We love to do work for families alike. Everyone deserves to have a wonderful beautiful light display! All you need to do is give us a chance! We service all of Tulsa metro area, Bixby, Coweta, Broken Arrow, Jenks, Owasso, Catoosa. All you have to do is call us and get ask us to come out and get a quote form us! We would love to visit and find out fif we can do a good job for you and your family.

You are going to love our great work we will do! You will want to the pretty twinkling lights on your house and in your yards. Broken Arrow Christmas lights wants to a good job on your hosue and lights for you! Now is the time to get your lights up! It is never too early once fall hits, and fall is among us! We are ready! Are you? We know you are! Let us take the load off of your plate and do the hard work for you. We will also store them for you and you can reuse them the next yeat and year after that. We know you and your family have so much to do through all of the holiday festivities and this is one thing you can off load and out source! And you shoulf out source to the best. That is what we are here for.

Twinkling twinkling lights! Do not forget to to give us a call and let us know when we can put lights up for you! That is what we are here for. Broken Arrow Christmas Lights are the best at putting lights and decoratons up. We have had a lot of great practice. We ae a small business, family owned. You know it is so great to support small local businesses. We have a beautiful son who is ten months old! He is an absolute delight. We love to help families. Especailly small businesses just like us! So give us a chance. There is no other option than us! You can contact us at 520-508-0079 or our website at legacylandscapeok.com or email us at legacylandscape101@gmail.com. We love supporting our local families so give us a chance and support another local family. We are so thankful for you choosing us! And giving us a chance. We love Christmas time! It is so much fun and a wonderful time. We love the snow and the time spent with family and of course all the food. But I think my favorite part of Christmas is putting up the tree with family and making memories and creating new traditions. It is so much fun!

Tired Of Putting Up Broken Arrow Christmas Lights On Your Own?


Everyone had their own ideas for Christmas and what it should look like and feel like. Here at Broken Arrow Christmas Lights we have ideas too! We know how important traditions are for families and generations for the future and past. Traditions are passed on for generations and generations. We kow it is important to keep those tradiotions when we are working for you. We can make your home look traditional with blinking lights or isicles. Or we can go more modern with LEDs and bright and all white. But you just let us know whatever you want us to do! LEDs are the new and upcoming type of lights most people use now a days. They last a longtime and don’t break easily. I like the old type of bulbs that are big and glass. But sometimes they do not last as long as LEDS.

We are so excited for the Christmas season being here! I love the smell of snow. IT really does have a smell. Broken Arrow Christmas Lights are the professionals you need. We know how to do lights. We also kknow how busy you will be when you are spending time with your family making memories and cooking food. What happens if you become under the weather. You will be so glad you hired us to put your lights up! But let us hope that does not happen! We love the traditions of Christmas, hallmark movies, sledding. They are saying there is going to be a lot of snow this year! I sure do hope so. My son will love to play in the snow. Our lights are guaranteed to last through the whole season. Even through snow and all! So you will not be missing out at all.

Broken Arrow Christmas Lights loves to make families happy. We love our family and we will take great care of yours. If quality and professionalism is what you are looking for we are here for you. We love holiday parties too. You better make sure your house looks the part before your holiday parties start! How much fun holiday parties are! All the dancing, and food, and eggnog! I’m not much of an eggnog person but my husband loves it! We are a small family business, and it is important to shop local. We just reently moved to Coweta and we love it here! It is such a great community to live in. Our business loves being a prt of Coweta! But we also service other areas too. Bixby, Jenks, Collinsville, Owasso, Broken arrow. Just give us a call even if you are not in one of these areas and I am sure we can work something out for you! We have a few guys on each crew so it helps make our work ore personable. We want to ge to know you and make our visits welcoming and become a part of your family!