It is time to go all out on the Christmas Lights! Let Broken Arrow Christmas Lights helo you Go all out! I mean we can do the biggest and brightest and baddest Christmas display of all time for you. We can do trees, roofs, posts, we can do it all. And we are not afraid to climb on a roof or up a tree to get some cool lights and some decoarations put on your house and in your yard and trees! We do awesome great work. And not just lights either. When we are not doing Christmas lights we are doing lawns and maintenance and leaf removal. We plant flowers in the spring and fall. We love working for all of our clients. They are what makes us so special. They really understand us so well. And we like to understand them too.

Broken Arrow Christmas Lights loves Christmas. We love the spirit of Christmas and we love Jesus. We know he is Lord of all and that without Him Christmas would not exsist! It is the day Jesus was born! And we love what it means, the meaning of Christmas is love and life. It is truly amazing. The whole Christmas story is an amazing miracle. Jesus is our Savior! He is the reason of the season. He means everything to us. We love to raise our family loving and trusting in the Lord. We know He will help us with whatever we need. If you have not asked Jesus into your heart all you have to do is say His name and believe He is Lord! It is that easy and you will know for sure that you will go to heaven and can live a free life!

Our company is a faith filled family owned business. Broken Arrow Christmas Lights are reliable and trustworthy and you can count on us. We know how to turn your house into a sparkling dazzling beautiful twinkle in the nights sky. When we are done with your house your house will the be the brightest and best in the whole neightbirhood! We have big ideas for you and your house! Do not worry about plans if you do not have an idea for your house. We can and will help you! WE can show you ideas, or make something custom just for you. You will not be disappointed. We love doing this kind of work. We never shy away from hard work. We are hard workers and have been doing this fro a long time. So please give us a call soon! Spots are filling up. You can dind all of our info on our website at, or email us at, or give us a call at 9189554613. We absolutely can not wait to hear from you. Because we know we can give you the best Christmas lights and holiday wonderland you have ever seen!
Just give us a call!

Are There Great Broken Arrow Christmas Lights To Try?


You know meteorologist and the farmers almanac are talking about how this up coming winter is supposed to be a very wet and snowy winter. So Broken Arrow Christmas Lights are really hoping for a winter wonderland! It will be so great to see twinkling lights in the snow. How pretty! That is what the holidays are really all about. Most people think of snow and sledding and hot chocolate and Christmas lights when they think of Christmas when they grew up. I know I think of some of that too. How wonderful! We are really hoping for another Christmas snow fall! Just like earlier this year. But when it snowed last winter it was after Christmas. In Feburaury But there was also another in December. Right before Christmas. So we are pretty sure there will be another snow fall this winter!

Broken Arrow Christmas Lights know the importance of professionalism when we are dealing with your home and yard. We take special extra care when working around bushes and flower gardens so you do not need to worry about that or your thigs getting broken. We pay attention to detail! We know to take care of your items and household. Whether it is your roof or trees or bushes we will not break them. You can ask our other clients how great our professionalism is and how gentle we are on their property. Word of mouth and our reviews is how we get the word out about us. So please if you give us the opportunity to do work fo r you please leave us a review! Even a video review would be great. Sometimes we even do drawings for a prize with the people who have left us a video review.

We love our business! And we love our clients. My husband has built this business and does amazing work. He works hard to support his family. His name is Tim and he is so wonderful at everything he does. He has created Broken Arrow Christmas Lights and plans to do so many this season. He loves working hard. He is a family man and his family is also very wonderful. He has two brothers. He has been a great business owner and boss. He is great to his employees and does a lot of mechanic work on his mowers, trucks, weed eaters. Pretty much anything that needs to be fixed he can fix it. He has also done a lot of work to our house too. He is such a great guy. If you ever get the pleasure of meeting him you will agree too! You will love Tim just as much as the next guy.

So please just understand that you can not go wring with giving us your business for Christmas Lights. Or lawn maintenance in the spring summer time. Or even picking up leaves in the fall. We can be your go to guys all year around! We also do snow removal too!