You might think that all lawn care and maintenance is the same. Here at Legacy landscape be know the difference between excellent lawncare and poor on maintenance. We would love to show you why we are the Best Broken Arrow OK Lawn Care company. We’ve been in business for years to get out the best ways to keep your lawn looking great.

We think that there is a difference between lawncare and on maintenance. While maintenance a locker both your yard look good but we think that there is a some differences. On maintenance is sure to grasp is and your degree is cleaned up out of your yard. Thank lawn maintenance involves we control and edging your sideways sidewalks and your driveways. We want to go separate and provide lawncare to you. We think lawncare is more focused on the overall aesthetic of your lawn. This means we want to treat you a lot of pictures of your grass is looking perfect for not just cutting it will make sure that it is the grass you want but it is full already yard that it is crisp and clear.

Would make sure that your grass is looking lunch without the use of chemicals that may be toxic to the crown. We can even look at some pest-control if you have an alternator that you don’t want or underneath your grass to make sure that we are able to get those out so that your grass is not squishy and we are able to have a solid grasp you children to run and play out. It’s more important than ever because go outside and play to give them a nice soft place to play nice grass if they fall they are safe they enjoy being outside. So you’re looking to just get your graph or if you’re looking for an over all maintenance program we can provide whatever you need for your lawn.

Great reason that your lawn is, good is not just grass but also any robes or flowers you plan, also trimming your trees. If you need some of your trees trimmed the route we’ll see what we can do is that we are free to what else. We always shaking countries at least 6 feet off the ground so that people can walk other than we think that is better because able to see your house to be less that you bought show that off. If any pages that you do not want to leave under 6 feet he would be happy to leave those for you without when we come out the. Will show you why we are the Best Broken Arrow OK Lawn Care.

Whatever your reason that you want to improve your lawn be happy to help you. Check us out at or 918-955-4613. Was causing get a free estimate they will see what all you want to do is like grass I was working flowerbeds Antrim Jesus what we would ever make sure your house great. We Are Best Broken Arrow OK Lawn Care

Best Broken Arrow OK Lawn Care

At least we’re not only a landscape and mowing business. We also two Christmas lights. Is one of many services. People usually thinking of Christmas one of the most common thing to think about our Christmas lights. We know we have about food, presence, Angie’s course people’s favorite things our Christmas lights. I love driving around my family to look at Christmas lights and see all of the wonderful designs that people create. The judge was to see Best Broken Arrow OK Lawn Care.

Growing up after Thanksgiving on Friday would always put up Christmas lights each year. Over entire life started out is success at the buy new lights for the entire house. Else we know as you get older you might be able to get out on the roof sent a letter might not be safe for you or you might does not enjoy as much as he used to. But if you still want to have those lights out the hassle of having to buy new lights for you where to put them in all that we would be happy to put up lights. We received our experience in a Christmas lights through a nonprofit organization. Called bull pictures and they had a Christmas light program that is named lights for life. This nonprofit is going to put Christmas lights on people’s houses for donations to their mission trips. The on mission trips all around the world and they put up lights for you so the canneries money.

Some of our workers worked at this nonprofit 40 years while attending their internship there. Many of our employees have done remodeling and things like that so that they are familiar with climbing up letters and working in high spaces. If you have a MySpace we would love to be able to get that light up for you. Cannot wait to make house great so that you and your family can enjoy it. We know that it can be hard to untangle all these lights every year we pull them out of a box can be frustrating to deal with. That way to the place where you and make your house.

If you don’t need to use when you load the ultimo yard and show you how excellent our customer services. We will do the best ongoing a landscape job that you see this when we consider ourselves the Best Broken Arrow OK Lawn Care. Anytime you need to always be there for you respond to any of your inquiries promptly and effectively. Believe that our customer is the most important part of our business is about you we would not have a business in the first place.

If you like to get some of the lies we have done in the past go to or 918-955-4613 look at our gallery so you can see all the great work you have done before. What is it a great way to understand why we consider ourselves to be Best Broken Arrow OK Lawn Care.